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CORPORATION OF THE <br />TOWN OF TILLSONBURG <br />By-law Number 3072 <br />A By -Law to provide for <br />THE REGULATION OF OPEN AIR BURNING IN THE TOWN OF TILLSONBURG <br />WHEREAS Section 7.1 (1) of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, S.O., provides that a <br />Council of a Municipality may pass by-laws regulating the setting of open air fires, including the <br />times during which open air fires may be set; <br />AND WHEREAS Section of the Ontai-io Fire Code provides for the prohibition of open <br />air burning unless approved or unless such open air burning consists of the use of a barbecue to <br />cook food, provided such devices contain a small contained fire which is supervised at all times. <br />THEREFORE the Municipal Council of The Corporation of the Town of Tillsonburg enacts as <br />follows: <br />SHORT TITLE <br />OPEN AIR BURNING REGULATIONS BY-LAW <br />Part 1 <br />1.1 Definitions <br />Adjacent — defined <br />"adjacent" shall mean a property that shares a common boundary with another property, a <br />property that is nearby or in proximity to another property, or a property in a general <br />neighbourhood or area which is affected by the products of combustion resulting from <br />recreational burning or special event burning permit, discretionary to the Fire Chief's opinion. <br />Barbeque - defined <br />"barbeque" shall mean a portable or fixed device including a hibachi, a permanent structure <br />designed and intended solely for the cooking of food in the open air and other similar devices <br />designed and intended solely for the cooking of food in the open air, but does not include devices <br />designed for personal warmth, fire pits or camp fires. <br />Fire Chief - defined <br />"Fire Chief' shall mean the Fire Chief for the Town of Tillsonburg Fire Department and <br />members of the Town of Tillsonburg Fire Department acting under the Fire Chief's direction. <br />Permit holder - defined <br />"permit holder" shall mean the person, organization, company or group that has been granted by <br />the Fire Chief a permit under section 2.6 for a special event to hold an open air burning or has <br />been granted a permit under section 2.5 for recreational burning, based on the results of an onsite <br />inspection that allows for open burning on residential properties that do not meet the regulations <br />of this policy. <br />1.2 Administration <br />This by-law shall be administered by the Fire Chief. <br />C:\Doc;uinents and Settings\MGraves\My Documents\By-law 3072.doc <br />September 4, 2003 <br />