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THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF TILLSONBURG <br />BY-LAW NUMBER 4255 <br />A BY-LAW to control noise in the Town of Tillsonburg, and to repeal by-law 3002. <br />WHEREAS Section 5(3) of the Municipal Act, 2001, S .O . 2001 , c . 25 , as amended , provides that a <br />municipal power shall be exercised by by-law ; <br />AND WHEREAS section 1 0(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001 authorizes the municipality to pass by- <br />laws respecting certain matters, in particular subsections 5 ,6 ,8 , and 9 authorize by-laws respecting <br />the economic, social and environmental well-being of the municipality; the health , safety and well- <br />being of persons; the protection of persons and property; and animals . <br />AND WHEREAS section 128 of the Municipal Act, 2001 provides that a municipality may prohibit <br />and regulate with respect to public nuisances, including matters that, in the opinion of Council are <br />or could become a public nuisances; <br />AND WHEREAS in the opinion of Council for the Town of Tillsonburg, certain kinds of noise are or <br />could become a public nuisance. <br />NOW THEREFORE the Council of The Town ofTillsonburg hereby enacts the following: <br />1.1. SHORT TITLE <br />SECTION 1 <br />SCOPE OF BY-LAW <br />This By-law and any amendments thereto shall be known as the "Noise By-Law." <br />1.2. INTENT AND SCOPE <br />The purpose of this By-law is to control and regulate noise within the corporate limits of the <br />Town of Tillsonburg. <br />1.3. CONTENT OF BY -LAW <br />All references in the By-law to sections , regulations , exceptions , tables , figures , <br />schedules and maps, refer to those in this By-law unless otherwise indicated . <br />2.1. DEFINITIONS <br />SECTION 2 <br />DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATION <br />The terms set out below shall have the following meanings in this By-law: <br />"ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER" means any person designated or contracted as an <br />Animal Control Officer by the Town of Tillsonburg . <br />"AUTHORIZED EMERGENCY VEHICLE" means an ambulance , fire department vehicle, <br />police vehicle , a snow plow, or any other vehicle operated by or for the Town of Tillsonburg <br />or Oxford County. <br />"BUILDING" means any permanent structure used or intended to be used for the shelter, <br />accommodation or enclosure of persons, animals, or goods . <br />"CHIEF BUILDING OFFICIAL" means the Chief Building Official of The Corporation of the <br />Town of Tillsonburg. <br />"CONSTRUCT" means to build and/or to permit to build or erect, alter, relocate or provide <br />any material alteration and without limiting the generality of the foregoing shall be taken to <br />include any work in preparation to construct, and constructed has a corresponding meaning <br />and this excludes any "domestic works" as defined . <br />"CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT" means any equipment or device designed and intended <br />for use in construction , or material handling, including but not limited to , hammers, saws, <br />drills , augers , air compressors, pile drivers, pneumatic or by hydraulic tools , bulldozers, <br />tractors , excavators , trenchers , cranes, derricks, loaders , scrapers, generators , pavers, off <br />highway haulers or trucks , ditchers, compactors and rollers , pumps , concrete mixers, <br />graders, or other material handling equipment. <br />1