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OFFICE OF THE REGIONAL SENIOR jUSTICE <br />ONTARIO COURT OF JUSTICE <br />WEST REGION <br />80 DUNDAS STREET, 1 0'h FLOOR, UNIT L <br />LONDON, ONTARIO N6A 6A8 <br />June 25, 2019 <br />Dan Smukavich <br />Town of Tillson burg <br />10 Lisgar Ave. <br />Tillsonburg, ON N4G 4A5 <br />Dear Mr. Smukavich: <br />Re: Set Fines -Provincial Offences Act -Part I <br />By-law Number 4255, of the Town of Tillson burg <br />CABINET DU JUGE PRINCIPAL ReGIONAL <br />COUR DE JUSTICE DE L'ONTARIO <br />REGION DE L'OUEST <br />80, RUE DUNDAS, 1 o• IT AGE, UNITE L <br />LONDON (ONTARIO) N6A 6A8 <br />TELEPHONE(TELEPHONE (S1 9) 660-2292 <br />FAX(TELECOPIEUR (51 9) 660-31 38 <br />Enclosed herewith is an original Order, and an original schedule of set <br />fines for the above referenced By-Law, the By-law indicated in the <br />schedule. <br />The setting of the fines does not constitute my approval of the short form <br />of wording used to describe the offences. <br />I have forwarded the copy of the Order and the schedule of set fines to <br />the Provincial Offences Court in Woodstock together with a copy of the <br />By-law. <br />E. LeRoy <br />e onal Senior Justi e <br />West Region <br />encl. <br />/kz